Mozambique vince il Manhattan Film Award

Mozambique - Il cortometraggio_24_10_09

Mozambique, il cortometraggio-documentario del regista 16enne Alcides Soares, è risultato  vincitore del Manhattan Film Award al Festival del Cortometraggio di Manhattan, il 14 ottobre scorso. L’opera affronta lo scottante tema dei bambini che in Mozambico, rimangono orfani a causa dell’AIDS. La storia risulta ancora più intensa e dura, quando realizziamo che il Soares ha utilizzato questo suo film per raccontarci la sua vita, tentando di trovare una nuova famiglia, dopo aver perso la propria a causa della malattia.

(Qui sotto, il resto dell’articolo, inclusa l’intervista al brillante giovane regista, in lingua originale)

The project began when Soares came into contact with American paediatrician and television writer and producer Neal Baer during a photography workshop for AIDS orphans in Maputo. Baer subsequently secured the necessary equipment and funding and, together with film maker Chris Zalla, taught the boy how to film. The film is a testimony to the hopes and dreams of the millions of African children (around 400,000 in Mozambique alone) who find themselves in Soares’ position. The young filmmaker now plans to finish school before starting work on a new documentary project about children living in rubbish dumps.

Director: Alcides Soares
Run Time: 13:30
Country: Mozambique


Sixteen-year-old Alcides Soares is one of a half a million AIDS orphans living in Mozambique today. American television writer Neal Baer and movie director Chris Zalla gave Alcides a movie camera and taught him how to shoot.
What was the feeling you got after watching the final, edited version of the film?

I was very happy, very emotional. I was very proud of myself and of all my Reencontro friends. I was happy to see that everything was perfect and everyone was interested in my film. I was very grateful for the opportunity given to me by my mentors, Neal Baer and Chris Zala, and I just wanted to make them proud of me.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned working on this film?

I learned that everyone, including me, must fight to find what he/she wants. I learned that each person has different difficulties and challenges in life but if you fight for what you believe in, life always gets better. The pain we feel in our lives is the same and it`s hard for us children. I also learned to love and appreciate my adoptive grandmother. She is now my best friend.

At 17 years old, you are the youngest filmmaker to ever be selected into the MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival. This was also your first short film. What advice do have for other aspiring filmmakers out there who are about to shoot their first film?

My advice to other filmmaker is that they must believe that every thing is going to be all right. They have to work hard, believe in themselves, follow their dreams and to never, never give up.

Do you have another project in the works? Can the world expect any more films from Mr. Alcides Soares?

Yes, I do have more projects in mind and one in particular in the works. I would like to film the lives of youth surviving in garbage dumps. But first I have to finish school and then I will start. Yes, you can expect another film from me because I’m planning it. Good luck to everybody and God bless you. Thank you all.

Fonte: The Manhattan Short



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